For Interior Designers

Benefits of raised access flooring for interior designers

Electronic appliances using power and voice data dominate commercial buildings and workspaces. But this poses a problem for designers - what to do with all the cabling? Modern office automation is dependent on effective information technology and communication links and the changing needs of the interior space.

Using raised access flooring from Jansen, can help you overcome cabling issues leaving the space free of clutter. Raised access floors give designers and facilities managers genuine flexibility. They allow you to optimise the underfloor service void, creating a tidy and safe environment.

Technical design service

We support all our raised access floor products with a comprehensive Technical Design Service for designers. This inclusive service is designed to give fast, accurate technical support and advice. We can also provide help with project specific model specifications and communication with regulatory bodies.

Support & advice

At Jansen Access Floors, we can provide unrivalled technical advice and guidance at every stage of project development. Our technical support helpline will quickly provide you with all the information you need. You can contact our team by telephoning +32 11 79 33 00.

Floor coverings and finishes

In our most popular access flooring product range, you can choose your preferred flooring material, from natural woods and modern ceramics through to steel and vinyl. The choice of finishes allows almost infinite design flexibility. Finishes can be supplied factory bonded to your chosen floor panel.